The Town of Fairfield is located in Northwestern Vermont, in Franklin County. Fairfield is a beautiful rural New England town with rolling hills, family farms, and the essence of small town life. Browse our web site for more information about the Town of Fairfield. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Town of Fairfield representative, please e-mail us at info@FairfieldVermont.us or call us at 802/827-3261.


Fairfield Zoning Bylaws updates are in the works! 

Check the MPG 2018 tab for the most recent information regarding the current bylaw revision project.


This project will significantly revise the Subdivision and Zoning Bylaws with a focus on promoting housing and compact, walk able development within the two Village Centers as identified in the 2015 Town Plan and 2015 Village Center Designations. The Town of Fairfield has begun a sidewalk scoping project to install sidewalks in the each of the Village centers. The proposed project is focused on revising the Town’s Subdivision and Zoning Bylaw to best support the rural assets while concurrently supporting the growth of its Village Centers. The updates need to be explicit to ensure consistent interpretation and readability, organized charts with updated maps, and current State statues. The Subdivision regulations will be reviewed and updated as necessary for proper standards, procedures and recording of administrative single lot subdivisions and multiple lot subdivisions as well as updating PUD standards. The Zoning Regulations will address Zoning Districts and boundaries of the 8 districts. The project will include addressing permit types and clarify the use and procedure of each type of permit as well as addressing the use of the permit allocation system. Clarification of permitting procedures, standards for development, site plan requirements, road access, wetlands, shorelands, flood hazard overlay with additional provisions regarding RBES/CBES and HUD certificates for mobile homes. The consultant’s services will ensure that the Zoning Regulations reflect Town Practice and current state statutes.

Planning Commission meetings are the first Monday of each month and open to the public.

They are held at the town office at 25 North Road, Fairfield VT 05455. Please check the calendar for starting times.