Vermont has “Safe Roads at Safe Speeds” policy!

This includes Fairfield

We have ”Safe roads at  Safe speeds” policy during the winter months and not a bare roads  policy! 

The Vermont Safe Speeds Safe Roads Policy :

Know before you go!  Check the weather forecast and plan accordingly. Leave yourself enough time to get to your destination with out rushing.  Dial 511 for weather and travel information, or log on to www.511VT.gov

Slow down! Drive according to the road conditions. Driving too fast is the leading cause of winter crashes!

Distance: Leaving more room between the car in front of  you  than you usually do also gives you more of a chance to brake more carefully and turn safely!

Braking on snow: You will need more time and distance to brake safely. Quick braking leads to skidding and can result in accidents.

Control: Do no use Cruise Control during storms. Four wheel drive and all wheel drive are not a guarantee that you won’t skid off of the road. And remember Black Ice usually appears as bare road.

Vision and Focus: Pay attention to the road and drivers in front of you!

Following the key elements of Safe roads at Safe Speeds policy and proper seasonal equipment will help ensure that we all have a safe driving experience

As Always Buckle Up  and Don’t Text and Drive! 

Information from vtransoperations.vermont.gov  http://vtransoperations.vermont.gov/sites/aot_operations/files/documents/AOT-OPS_WinterDrivingSafetyBroch.pdf



The Town of Fairfield is located in Northwestern Vermont, in Franklin County. Fairfield is a beautiful rural New England town with rolling hills, family farms, and the essence of small town life. Browse our web site for more information about the Town of Fairfield.  If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Town of Fairfield representative, please e-mail us at info@FairfieldVermont.us or call us at    802/827-3261.



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