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Swanton Wind Workshop

Docket number 8816
Petition of Swanton win LLC for certificate a public good
Pursuant to title 30 V.S.A § 248

Construction of up to 20 MW wind powered electric generation plant powered by up to seven wind turbines located along Rocky Ridge in Swanton, Vermont.
Procedural order regarding workshop the public service board issued Prehearing conference and scheduling order in this proceeding establishing the week of January 2, 2017 at the time for workshop in this matter. The town of Swanton filed its recommendation that the workshop be held the evening of January 3, 201, at the Missisquoi Valley Union high school auditorium in Swanton. Recommended start time of 5 PM and noted that the auditorium is available until 10 PM.
Swanton also represented that it’s recommendations were acceptable to Swanton Wind LLC the petitioner, the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources , the Vermont Department of housing and community development, and the Vermont agency of agricultural food and market.

Fairfield will have visual and possibly audible impacts due to the purposed project. Those who live near the pond are encouraged to attend.
The deadline for filing motions to intervene will be 11 calendar days after the workshop.
The workshop is free to attend. Additional information can be found at the Swanton Wind LLC website as well as the Public Service Board site under docket 8816.

Vermont Public Service Board

Swanton Wind LLC  
Citizens guide to 248 proceedings is available on Swanton winds site


for information opposing this project




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