4way Stop

June 20, 2016

Notice: On Wednesday, June 1st the Town of Fairfield installed a four way stop at the intersection of Route 36 and North and South Rd. in Fairfield Center. Message Boards were installed 2 weeks ahead and 4 weeks after the installation to warn motorists of the change. There will also be Franklin County Sheriff presence at this location to help promote awareness during the change. We ask that motorists be extra aware and take their time through the village. We have many children, pedestrians and bicyclists navigating through town. The four-way stop is planned to decrease the amount of accidents and near misses due to sight distance issues. It is part of our larger plan to install sidewalks and trails to increase safety. We also ask that trucks do not use their compression (jake) brakes in the village. Thank you for your support and cooperation in making Fairfield a safer place to live, work and play!

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