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Road Signs

Signage Problem

Melissa Manson
Sweet Hollow Rd

Please take a moment to talk with your friends and neighbors about the cost of signage in the Town of Fairfield this year.

Year-to-date, we have spent almost $5,000 on signage. The majority of this cost has been as a result of the repeated theft of signs.

The Federal Government is going to require all road signs to be replaced with larger signs that have a higher retro reflectivity (more visible at night). Recently, they have extended the compliance date for the replacement of all “Municipal Uniform Traffic Control Devices”.

We are thankful, because the cost is astronomical. Under the new rules, a typical road sign costs between $50 and $65. Ryan Road’s signs have been replaced at least 3 times, usually being stolen within several days of the new signs being placed, at a cost of $68 per sign.

Consider the human cost… if an ambulance is trying to find your road, and the sign has been stolen, you want to hope that the driver is from somewhere close enough that he knows where to go. Seconds sometimes count for a lot. Signs help emergency vehicles find houses.

Look around your home, your neighborhood… did a sign appear that should still be posted on a road? The Town will accept the return of any misplaced signs, with no questions asked. Signs can be dropped off at any time, day or night, at the town garage or town office.

A reward of $500 will be paid for information leading to the successful prosecution of any person who has unlawfully removed signs anywhere in the town. This is serious business with a potentially high cost.

Please do the responsible thing.

Seeking Pictures of Schoolhouses in Fairfield

Looking for pictures of the old one room schoolhouses in Fairfield! I am hoping to use them for a program at the library – we just need the original so that it can be scanned, then you get it back! Would love to hear stories about the kids or their schoolhouse antics too!


Kristen Hughes
Community Librarian
Bent Northrop Memorial Library
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