Bent-Northrop Memorial Library Trustees Meeting Minutes

BNML Meetings are open to the public.  Trustees meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 4:30pm. Trustees are: Jen Archambault, Laura Fulwiler, Kerry Lambert, Susan Magnan, Albert Tetreault  Please note change of time of meetings. Minutes:  Each month BNML Trustees review/approve meeting minutes from the previous month's meeting.  The minutes included here have been approved by the trustees and stand as record of those proceedings. Minutes:  "Agendas and Minutes from meetings after August 2014 are now posted on the BNML website"

Link to BNML Minutes

8-19-14 minutes 7-15-14 minutes 6-17-14 minutes 5-20-14 minutes 4-15-14 minutes 3-18-14 minutes PDF 2-18-14 minutes PDF January 2014     Agendas: Agenda 9-16-14 Agenda 8-19-14 Agenda, 7-15-14   Library Reports: 2011 Archives: 2013 BNML Archived Minutes 2012 BNML Archived Minutes 2011 2010 2009