2018 Municipal Planning Grant Awarded

2018 Municipal Planning Grant

The town of Fairfield, VT- The Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) awarded $16,000 to the Town of Fairfield in Municipal Planning Grant funds to revise the Subdivision and Zoning Bylaws.  (Awarded $13,333 with a town match of $2,667 Total of $16,000) 

“Updating our bylaws will enable us to more effectively meet our communities needs and goals” Alisha LaRocque, Town Zoning Administrator. The Town of Fairfield will have a year and a half to complete the project.

“As Vermont continues to grow its economy, maintain a high quality of life and attract new people and business to the state, Municipal Planning Grants help communities accelerate local solutions, energize downtowns, remove barriers to much needed housing,” said Vermont DHCD Commissioner Katie Buckley.

Awarded annually and administrated by DCHD, the Municipal Planning Grant program supports local community revitalization and planning initiatives. Since 1998, the program provided over $12 million to 234 cities and towns across Vermont, bringing people together to adopt useful and relevant municipal plans, regulations, improved capital budgeting and innovated projects that prepare them for the challenges they face.  

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4way Stop

On Wednesday, June 1st 2016, the Town of Fairfield installed a four way stop at the intersection of Route 36 and North and South Rd. in Fairfield Center. Message Boards were installed 2 weeks ahead and 4 weeks after the installation to warn motorists of the change. There will also be Franklin County Sheriff presence at this location to help promote awareness during the change.
We ask that motorists be extra aware and take their time through the village. We have many children, pedestrians and bicyclists navigating through town. The four-way stop is planned to decrease the amount of accidents and near misses due to sight distance issues. It is part of our larger plan to install sidewalks and trails to increase safety.
We also ask that trucks do not use their compression (jake) brakes in the village.
Thank you for your support and cooperation in making Fairfield a safer place to live, work and play!

Safe Roads Safe Speeds Policy

Vermont has “Safe Roads at Safe Speeds” policy!

This includes Fairfield

We have ”Safe roads at  Safe speeds” policy during the winter months and not a bare roads  policy! 

The Vermont Safe Speeds Safe Roads Policy :

Know before you go!  Check the weather forecast and plan accordingly. Leave yourself enough time to get to your destination with out rushing.  Dial 511 for weather and travel information, or log on to www.511VT.gov

Slow down! Drive according to the road conditions. Driving too fast is the leading cause of winter crashes!

Distance: Leaving more room between the car in front of  you  than you usually do also gives you more of a chance to brake more carefully and turn safely!

Braking on snow: You will need more time and distance to brake safely. Quick braking leads to skidding and can result in accidents.

Control: Do no use Cruise Control during storms. Four wheel drive and all wheel drive are not a guarantee that you won’t skid off of the road. And remember Black Ice usually appears as bare road.

Vision and Focus: Pay attention to the road and drivers in front of you!

Following the key elements of Safe roads at Safe Speeds policy and proper seasonal equipment will help ensure that we all have a safe driving experience

As Always Buckle Up  and Don’t Text and Drive! 

Information from vtransoperations.vermont.gov 

Fairfield’s own super senior featured on WCAX 3

Long time resident Orval Combs was recently featured on WCAX news channel 3’s Super Senior segment.

Paying tribute to the 88 year old Fairfield resident that continues to do what he loves. Working hard everyday and giving us all a reminder to keep moving!  Keep up the hard work Orval. Follow the link below to enjoy the WCAX interview with Orval Combs.




Fairfield Public Meeting- Swanton Wind (Fairfield Select Board)

Fairfield Public Meeting- Swanton Wind

The Select Board held a public meeting Monday, October 12, 2015 at 6:30 pm at the Chester Arthur Room to discuss the Swanton Wind Project and to gauge the community’s thoughts.

swantonwind 10.12.15 minutes

As the curiosity of the Swanton Wind Project grows amongst the residents of Fairfield we would like to share with you the information made available from the Town of Swanton.

NOTE: The information on this page and its links have been provided by individuals with varying viewpoints on industrial wind turbines. Information on industrial wind farms in general as well as a new project being proposed in the Town of Swanton is available for reading.  The Town of Swanton is displaying this web page as a public service but cannot verify or be held responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by other parties. Therefore, readers should do their own research and reach their own conclusions.  Please read the Town of Swanton’s LEGAL DISCLAIMER before proceeding.  More information on wind turbines will be posted on this WIND FARMING FORUM page as it becomes available. ”

The Town of Fairfield is providing the link as a public service, the information has been collected and presented by a third party. Please observe the Note from the Town of Swanton and its LEGAL DISCLAIMER.

Click Here for Town of Swanton Wind Farm Info  from the Town of Swanton

Click Here for Swanton Wind LLC