Stolen Road Signs

Thought you might all like to know about an avoidable cost that makes up part of your taxes.

The Town of Fairfield budgeted $2,500. in 2013 to replace old signage with new, bigger and brighter signage so that we could comply with the new rules coming into effect over the next year or so.  We haven’t changed any… how come?
Year to date we have spent $4,100 on replacing stolen signage!  Why have we replaced Ryan Rd signage 6 or 7 times this year alone?  Take a look around your home and property and see if you find a road sign that doesn’t belong there.
We have a “no questions asked” return policy on signs.  We’re going to catch the people stealing them and we’re going to prosecute.  If we ever get to a point where we can use the budgeted money to upgrade signs, we’ll sell you the old ones for a real bargain.
Please. And thank you.

Melissa Manson

One thought on “Stolen Road Signs

  1. Consider renaming Ryan Road to Ryean or Ryeane. No young man with the name Ryan will want to steal the sign to decorate his bedroom or home if it isn’t spelled just like his name.

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