Public Hearing Notice

Town of Fairfield

Zoning Board of Adjustment

Planning Commission

A public hearing will be held beginning at 8pm on Monday December 4th, 2017 at Fairfield Town Clerks Office, 25 North Road Fairfield to obtain public comment on the following request(s)


  1. Dubie, Mark and Marianne

Parcel ID# 008-1086-000

Applicants requesting a conditional use permit to covert the camp to year round residency

Parcel located in the Lake District at 1086 McKenzie Road.


Permits material and information are available for public review at the Fairfield Town Clerks office at 25 North Road during regular business hours. Participation in the local preceding is a prerequisite to the right to take any subsequent appeal. Written comments on the requests will be accepted until Monday December 4th,   2017 at 12 noon, and should be sent to the Zoning Office in The Town of Fairfield

 P O Box 5 Fairfield VT 05455 or at