Zoning Map

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Zoning Administrator

Alisha LaRocque

Contact via Email : Zoning@fairfieldvermont.us

Office: 802-827-3261 x3

Zoning and Planning Board

Zoning & Planning Board:
 Email: zoning@fairfieldvermont.us
The Zoning & Planning Board is scheduled to meet on the first Monday of each month at 8pm, at the Town Offices.
Email Melissa Manson to verify the date and time.
James Gregoire
Linda Hodet
Dan McCoy


Zoning Documents

Subdivision and zoning bylaws 2012

Driveway Sign Off Form (includes road standards)

New Residential Building Checklist

Application for Zoning Certificate

Building Permits

Building Permits

New Residential                                      $500 + 0.15 per sq. ft

Seasonal Camp                                       $500 

Replacement Dwelling/Camp         Same as new build (fire or other natural disaster free )

House Addition                                      $75 +0.15 per sq. ft

Garage/Car port                                    $75

Deck/Porches                                        $50   

Storage/Shed/Gazebos                      $40

Outside Furnace                                     $35

Day Care                                                    $50             

Pool                                                              $50

Sign                                                              $35

Home Occupation                                   $50

Agricultural                                                $10 (recoding fee only)

Commercial Minor                                $1 per sq. ft

Commercial Major                                 $1 per sq. ft

Conditional Use                                     Set by Board

Camp Conversion                                   $500

Subdivision Minor                                   $100 (recoding fee for Map additional $15)

Subdivision Major                                   Follow Process*

*Sketch Plan Preview                            $85

*Final Plat Review                                   $100 per lot created

Appeal of Permit                                     $30   

Wavier                                                           included in permit

Renewal of Permit                                   Free

After the fact Permit                               Double permit fee

Abutter Notification                                $15 + Postage


  • Sketch Plan Preview: $85.00
  • Final Plat Preview: $260.00+

Zoning Certificates

Certificate of Compliance

  • Major: $50.00
  • Minor $15.00

Certificate of Occupancy: $50.00

Posted Land Recording: $15.00

Mylar Map Recording: $15.00 per map