Zoning Map

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Zoning Administrator

Alisha LaRocque
Contact via Email : Zoning@fairfieldvermont.us

Office: 802-827-3261 x3

Zoning & Planning Board:
 Email: zoning@fairfieldvermont.us

Email Melissa Manson to verify the date and time.

The Zoning & Planning Board is scheduled to meet on the first Monday of each month at 8pm, at the Town Offices.


  • James Gregoire
  • Linda Hodet
  • Dan McCoy

Zoning Documents


Subdivision and zoning bylaws 2012

Driveway Sign Off Form (includes road standards)

New Residential Building Checklist

Application for Zoning Certificate

Building Permits

New Residential                                      $500 + 0.15 per sq. ft

Seasonal Camp                                       $500

Replacement Dwelling/Camp         Same as new build (fire or other natural disaster free )

House Addition                                      $75 +0.15 per sq. ft

Garage/Car port                                    $75

Deck/Porches                                        $50

Storage/Shed/Gazebos                      $40

Outside Furnace                                     $35

Day Care                                                    $50

Pool                                                              $50

Sign                                                              $35

Home Occupation                                   $50

Agricultural                                                $10 (recoding fee only)

Commercial Minor                                $1 per sq. ft

Commercial Major                                 $1 per sq. ft

Conditional Use                                     Set by Board

Camp Conversion                                   $500

Subdivision Minor                                   $100 (recoding fee for Map additional $15)

Subdivision Major                                   Follow Process*

*Sketch Plan Preview                            $85

*Final Plat Review                                   $100 per lot created

Appeal of Permit                                     $30

Wavier                                                           included in permit

Renewal of Permit                                   Free

After the fact Permit                               Double permit fee

Abutter Notification                                $15 + Postage


  • Sketch Plan Preview: $85.00
  • Final Plat Preview: $260.00+

Zoning Certificates

Certificate of Compliance

  • Major: $50.00
  • Minor $15.00

Certificate of Occupancy: $50.00

Posted Land Recording: $15.00

Mylar Map Recording: $15.00 per map